Josabet Werkmäster Contemporary textile artist based in Malmö, Sweden.

Fabric printing and all its possibilities interest me. Issues in my works are often the process and the direction it takes us, the connection between the small world and the big world – between the personal and the universal. Time, memories and everyday experiences that shape our lives inspire me in my work. It is a study of the trivial that fills a great part of our being, our subsistence.

The expression of the material and the technique plays an essential part in my artworks. For me textile art is imaginative and contemporary.

My keywords are:
  • for the techniques: screenprint, discharge, devore, snowdyeing, velvet, flat mangled linen, sound
  • for the idea/concept: connecting people, my history – your history.
  • for the feeling: powerful, peaceful.


  • home: Malmö, Sweden
  • born: 1964 in Uppsala
  • studio: KKV-Textiltryck Malmö
  • teaching textile art and design at Östra Grevie folkhögskola
  • board member of Nordic Textile Art since 2010
  • also involved in Galleri 21 Malmö
  • building up the network ”Textil Konst i Skåne”


KKV-Textiltryck Malmö

Nordic Textile Art

Östra Grevie folkhögskola

Galleri 21

In Blanco